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Commercial Fruit Fly Trap


Extremely Effective – Our special attractant and patented design make our solution more effective than other leading household traps.

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Commercial Fruit Fly Traps work to attract and trap unwanted fruit flies. This fruit fly trap utilizes a non-toxic, food-grade attractant solution to lure in unwanted fruit flies more effectively than other leading household brands.

The holder for product comes with double-sided tape to hold them securely in any direction and for the most discreet applications.

Clean and Discreet – With its attractive design and optional wall mount, this trap can be placed wherever you desire. Also, with its patented spill-proof design, it will keep your counter clean.

Commercially Sized – Substantially larger in size than other common household traps, the Commercial Fruit Fly Trap allows for a greater amount of flies to be caught.

Eco-Friendly – With your business and the environment in mind, our product is designed to be recyclable. When the trap is full simply recycle and replace it.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 7.112 × 3.302 × 8.89 cm
Number of Traps

1 trap, 12 traps, 12 traps, 3 with holder, 1 Trap Holder

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