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3 Pack Dissolving Laundry Bags


Perfect for frequent travellers or vacationers
Dissolves in hot wash and kills potential “hitch Hiking” Bed bugs and nymphs
Leaves no scent or residue on clothing
Safe and effective way of preventing bed bugs from coming home with you

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Beapco’s 3 Pack dissolving laundry bag for travelers is an excellent way of Killing bed bugs & their eggs from “hitch hiking” Home with you. Simply place your laundry in the laundry bags before travelling home with you. Once you reach home, Place the laundry bags directly in the hot wash. The bag will dissolve & any potential bed bugs will be killed by the hot water. A simple way of preventing bed bugs from infesting your home.

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Dimensions 11.43 × 16.51 × 3.81 cm
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