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12 pack Drop Ins Active Trap with Lure


Beapco Drop-Ins bed bug traps are designed to reproduce the feeling of climbing up a bed leg for bed bugs. These can be placed around homes to detect the presence of bed bugs. Although these traps can be used on their own, you can increase their effectiveness by using a lure.
  • Easy to use and install
  • Works like other traps that prevent bed bugs from climbing out
  • Best used with a lure
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Beapco Drop-Ins are uniquely designed for bed bugs by Beapco to mimic the feeling of climbing up a leg. The outer surface is rugged to allow the bed bug to climb up the outer wall and fall inside the slippery pit where the bed bug cannot get out.

The Beapco Drop-Ins can be placed anywhere around the house to detect bed bugs, ideally in the bedroom where bedbugs can be present. Ideally, this bedroom would be empty, given the choice, bed bugs choose a human host over any other trap or lure, so setting up a trap while the bedroom is vacant is a great idea.

Studies also show that bed bugs can be found all around the home depending on the infestation size. Placing these around the house is also a good strategy to make sure all the bed bugs are gone. If the exterminator has already treated your unit, use these to make sure the treatment was effective.

Optimize the use of this trap with Beapco Crawling Insect Lure. Place and activate the lure inside the Drop-Ins like in the image and voila, you now have an active bed bug trap.


  • 4 pack
  • Easy to use
  • Discreet black colour
  • Durable plastic
  • Works like other traps that prevent bed bugs from climbing out
  • Best used with a lure

Although nitrile gloves were used in the image, this product is safe to handle and safe around children or pets.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 7.112 × 7.112 × 3.81 cm


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