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Replaceable cartridges for Surge Protector with lure (4-Pack)


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To replace the glue cartridge, simply peel open the Surge Protector by pressing the front facing button. Lift the top of the Surge Protector to expose the glue trap. Discard used glue cartridge and replace with new. Ensure you discard  the captured bed bugs in a resealable bag before placing in trash.

Bed bugs are naturally attracted to sources of heat – whether it’s from your body, electrical sources or otherwise. BEAPCO’s Surge Protector and Bed Bug Trap features a built in heat attractant which lures bed bugs out from their hiding spots and into our replaceable glue cartridges.

Place beside your bed, nightstand, office chair, couch or sofa! Guests will have no idea you are trying to trap bed bugs in your home!

Perfect for homes and bed rooms, offices – anywhere you want to discreetly trap bed bugs….

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 23.495 × 20.32 × 5.08 cm


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