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Disposable Bed Bug Detection Trap (4-PACK)


We all know that bed bugs are on the rise, but they are sometimes very difficult to find and require constant monitoring. Weeks can go by before you even know that you have bed bugs. It usually starts with people questioning a bite or a red spot on their body. Most convince themselves “oh, it must be a spider or a mosquito”. Weeks go by, bed bugs multiply, and you are now facing a serious infestation.

BEAPCO’s disposable bed bug traps provide around the clock monitoring and detection. Open the trap and peel away the protective glue paper and place the trap between your mattress and box spring, or between the floor and mattress, under the cushions of your couch or simply on the floor

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Bed bugs will crawl through the trap and get stuck on the glue paper. While performing a routine inspection, you will then see if bed bugs are present.

This detection will serve many purposes:

  1. To let you know you have bed bugs and therefore allow you to act sooner than later
  2. If renting, this will provide proof to your landlord that bed bugs do exist in your unit, and it’s not just spiders or mosquitos biting you at night
  3. If you hire an exterminator with a guarantee (usually between 3-6 months) this will provide an additional layer of monitoring to detect them earlier and benefit from the exterminators’ guarantee.

The disposable bed bug detection trap is a very useful product in the attempt to eradicate a bed bug infestation.


  • Use under mattress, sofa, cushions, or simply on the floor to monitor for bed bugs
  • Open the trap lid to peel away the protective glue paper
  • Cost efficient
  • Close the lid and monitor frequently for bed bug activity via the clear hinged lid
  • Bed bugs will crawl into the trap and become stuck on the glue paper
  • Textured base ensures bed bugs can climb into the trap
  • Dispose of trap when bed bugs are present, replace with a new one for continued bed bug monitoring
  • Won’t be affected by humidity and water like cardboard traps
  • 100% pet safe
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 9.652 × 13.462 × 2.032 cm
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