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USB Surge Protector and Bed Bug Detection Trap


Detecting bed bugs can be difficult, but thanks to the bed bug detecting surge protector, you can discreetly prevent, monitor and detect bed bugs in your home or office. Since bed bugs are naturally attracted to sources of heat – whether it’s from your body, electrical sources or otherwise, the bed bug detecting surge protector and bed bug trap generates heat with a 9V integrated heater and a glue trap on the inside.

This is designed to lure bed bugs out of their hiding spots and into the replaceable glue cartridges. This allows you to localize the bed bug problem for appropriate eradication treatment.

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Completely discreet and effective bed bug monitoring and prevention – allowing you to immediately detect bed bugs that are hiding in your hotel, motel or rental property.

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 11.684 × 37.592 × 5.842 cm
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