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USB Surge Protector and Bed Bug Detection Trap with CO2 detector


Completely discreet and effective bed bug monitoring and prevention – allowing you to immediately detect bed bugs that are hiding in your hotel, motel or rental property.

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Detecting bed bugs can be difficult, but thanks to the bed bug detecting surge protector, you can discreetly prevent, monitor and detect bed bugs in your home or office. Since bed bugs are naturally attracted to sources of heat – whether it’s from your body, electrical sources or otherwise, the bed bug detecting surge protector and bed bug trap generates heat with a 9V integrated heater and a glue trap on the inside.

This is designed to lure bed bugs out of their hiding spots and into the replaceable glue cartridges. This allows you to localize the bed bug problem for appropriate eradication treatment.

Bed Bug Surge Protector

The detecting surge protector and bed bug trap works best when placed in bed bug prone areas; i.e. beside your bed, nightstand, couch, sofa and even around your office chair. This product is great for those who want to take preventative measures or make sure an extermination treatment is effective. Not only is it effective, but it is also discreet, your guests or clients will never guess that your trying to trap bed bugs.

BEAPCO’s surge protector bed bug trap has been tested and proven at Rutgers University Entomology Department for its effectiveness at catching and detecting bed bugs.

Surge Protector vs. Surge Protector w/Lure?

Basically the Surge Protector w/Lure has a bed bug lure attractant which mimics “human scent” which lures bed bugs out form their hiding spots and traps them onto the replaceable glue cartridges. The bed bug lure attractant provides 90 days of continuous bed bug luring. The orignal Surge Protector provides 60 days of bed bug luring and does not have the bed bug lure attractant in the glue trap.



    • Discreet
    • Active 24/7
    • 6 outlet power bar
    • 3ft cord
    • 14x more bed bugs caught than “passive” traps
    • Replaceable glue cartridges
    • 900 Joule rating for complete surge protection
    • 9V Heater (for luring/attracting bed bugs)
    • Electrical Rating – 15A, 125V
    • 60Hz Maximum Surge Voltage – 6000V Clamping Voltage
    • 500V QPS Approved Conforms to UL and CSA Standards
    • Lighted On/Off switch


    • Power bar
    • One glue cartridge (to be replaced after 90 days or once bed bugs are caught)
Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 11.684 × 37.592 × 5.842 cm


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