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Bed Bug Detection Trap (4-PACK)


As you might already know, bed bugs can live up to 18 months without feeding. You might have hired the best exterminator in your area, but there might be that one bed bug that found safe haven in your walls and is waiting to come out and feed.

That being said, you might think your bed bug infestation is over, but months after a treatment you might be wondering what could be biting you at night.

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BeapCo’s bed bug detection trap provides passive detection for months. Inside the trap is a replaceable glue tray engineered to trap bed bugs, and a rubberized outer rim to allow bed bugs to climb into the trap.

The trap is strong enough to be placed between a mattress and box spring or between cushions on the couch. With a clear lid, you can easily see if there are any bed bugs caught inside the trap and if the case, you can simply remove the glue tray from the trap, place it in a sealed ziplock bag and safely dispose of the glue tray or keep as evidence. Replace the old glue tray with a new glue tray for another 3 months of monitoring. If no bed bugs are caught, glue trays should be replaced every 2 to 3 months.

With proactive monitoring and detection, you can prevent a small bed bug infestation from becoming a huge problem. These traps will allow you to prove that bed bugs are present in your home and/or benefit from an exterminators’ guarantee.

With an easy to open and close the lid, a solid structure and replaceable glue trays, these traps can outlast any bed bug.


  • Engineered to trap bed bugs
  • 100% pesticide free
  • Unique replaceable glue cartridge immobilizes bed bugs
  • Easy removal and disposal of bed bugs
  • Replaceable glue trays available
  • Pet safe
  • Around the clock monitoring
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Dimensions 11.43 × 16.51 × 3.81 cm
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